Resourceful International Marketing, Inc. is an import/distribution company providing the country since 1994 affordable yet high-quality sweets, confectioneries and food products from around the world. Our products, ranging from chocolates to toy candies are imported from respectable companies from Germany, Spain, Argentina, USA, Malaysia, Indonesia and China.

Our Mission

To be one of the leading suppliers of sweets and quality food products in the nation.

Our Vision

We will bring sweetness and positive influence to the world. We strive to make people smile by bringing them together and giving them sweets that will touch their hearts and bring their inner child. We will meet our challenges by engaging proactive and talented people who are passionate about work

Our Values

We engage people who share the following virtues:

  • Loyalty - Prioritizing the company's general welfare over one's own.
  • Responsibility - Realizing the importance of a task and standing by it until it is fully completed.
  • Courage - Ability to face difficult situations in a calm and effective manner without giving in to pressure. Willingness to own up to my mistakes regardless of the consequences.
  • Determination - Realizing that diligence in meeting goals and in overcoming present struggles are essential for personal growth and success.
  • Proactive and Initiative - Recognizing what needs to be done and doing it before being asked to do it. Recognizing opportunities, which others overlook.
  • Decisiveness - Evaluating courses of action and making decisions quickly and effectively.
  • Resourcefulness - Making efficient use of limited resources properly. Efficiently making use of resources that are overlooked.
  • Flexibility - Adjusting my schedule to meet the needs of those I am serving.
  • Open Mindedness - Views improvement as a continuous process and is able to accept and apply comments for improvement constructively. Also, open minded enough to accept the best course of action even if the suggestion is not my own.
  • Commitment - Sticking to a goal in the face of pressure.
  • Enjoyment - Enjoying the work and maintaining an inner cheerfulness despite my limitations.
  • Contentment - Being satisfied and grateful (to God) of what I have. Being appreciative of the things around me.
  • Hospitality - Taking the lead in providing a peaceful and harmonious work environment.
  • Generosity - Giving the right amount of reward at the right time.
  • Orderliness - Cleanliness and neatness in the work area and proper grooming reflect a clear state of mind.
  • Punctuality - Being on time.
  • Honesty and Fairness - Giving honor to whom honor is due. Not taking credit for the good work of others.
  • Thriftiness - Avoiding spending unnecessarily.
  • Kindness - Looking out for the welfare of others aside from oneself.