The following are the brands that Resourceful International Marketing, Inc. proudly carry and continually improve to make available to every Filipino home quality, great value products.

  • JUJU

    Products included are Popping Candies, Cotton Candy, Chocolate Bars, Biscuits, Cookies, Novelty Toys with Candies under popular Licenses such as Ben 10, Hello Kitty, Barbie, Mickey & Friends and Disney Princess.

  • Trolli

    One of the best Confectionery Companies in the world, Trolli has been with the company since

    Among their products that we carry are the world-famous gummi bears and mini burgers, and with continuous innovations, new products are introduced to the market proving that they truly are "The One for Fun!"

  • Arcor

    Another world-class Confectionery Producer, Arcor has been with RIMI for __years.

    Their wide range of food products have been introduced to the Philippine market over the years. Samba Chocolates, Tortitas, Rocklets, Bon o Bon, Arcor Corn oil and Arcor Peaches are just some of the products ythis company has been known for.

  • Erko

    A top-producer of quality marshmallows in China

    Products include MMAS Marshmallows, Mallow Pop, Mallow Plus Mallow Dip and Ice Cream Marshmallows