“Life is too important to be taken seriously”. This is the motto in every Trolli bag. 

Trolli is a German brand that has been making its mark for decades in the confectionary industry with its playful, detailed and unique fruit gummy creations.  Because of its delicious taste and unique shapes, Trolli has developed a large fan base worldwide.

Throughout the years, Trolli has developed many popular gummy creations.  First of among them are the “Trolli Sour Apple Ring” and “Trolli Peach Ring”, fruity gummies with a hint of zing.  

Trolli’s owner, Herbert Mederer, was the first to create a gummy with 3 layers of fruity goodness called, “Trolli Burger”.  

He also first developed a two-flavoured, two-colored, sweet gummy worm called, “Trolli Neon Squiggles” and a two-flavoured, two-colored, sweet and sour gummy worm called, “Trolli Sour Glow Worms”.

Behind Trolli’s good sense of taste are its technical know-how and quality awareness. You can always taste the difference of Trolli from other gummy brands. What are you waiting for? Make your life Trollier!

Resourceful International Marketing, Inc. is the official distributor of Trolli in the Philippines.

Trolli Mini Burger 9g

Trolli Hotdog 9g

Trolli Sea Critters 9g

Trolli Gummi Pizza 15.5g

Trolli Pop Eye 18.8g

Trolli Planet Gummi 18.8g

Trolli Sidewinder 19g

Trolli Sour Gecko 19g

Trolli Gummi Watch 20g

Trolli Gummi Racers 22g

Trolli Cool Stars Mix Berries +Menthol 30g

Trolli Cool Stars Lemon +Menthol 30g

Trolli Gummi Candy Assorted in Celebration Pack 77g Halloween

Trolli Gummi Candy Assorted in Celebration Pack 77g Christmas

Trolli Gummy Candy Assorted in Pumpkin Jar 90g

Trolli Pop Eye 37.6g

Trolli Kiss 40g

Trolli Classic Bears 45g

Trolli Neon Squiggles 45g

Trolli Sour Glowworms 45g

Trolli Sea Critters 45g

Trolli Hotdog 45g

Trolli Gummi Burger 50g

Trolli Gummi Lunch 77g

Trolli Strawberry Sour Strips 85g

Trolli Sour Strips Mix 85g

Trolli Sour Strips Cola 85g

Trolli Stixi Strawberry 85g

Trolli Mix Stixi 85g

Trolli Stixi Cola 85g

Trolli Mini Burger 90g

Trolli Classic Bears 100g

Trolli Neon Squiggles 100g

Trolli Sour Glowworms 100g

Trolli Kiss 100g

Trolli Cola Bottles 100g

Trolli Octopus 100g

Trolli Bananas 100g

Trolli Apple Rings 100g

Trolli Caterpillars 100g

Trolli Peach Rings 100g

Trolli Sharks 100g

Trolli Wacky Quacky 100g

Trolli Spaghettini Sour Strawberry 100g

Trolli Spaghettini Sour Apple 100g

Trolli Dracula 100g

Trolli Gummi Pizza 124g

Trolli Mini Burger 150g

Trolli Sourgecko 152g

Trolli World 198g

Trolli Multimix 500g

Trolli Classic Bears 500g

Trolli Neon Squiggles 500g

Trolli Sour Glowworms 500g

Trolli Celebration Pack 77g Birthday Pack

Trolli Celebration Pack 77g Birthday Pack

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