Zed Candy is making a sweet world. Its multitude of candy has flavor and texture that throw your taste buds a party. That is really sweet!

Its latest creations are Zed fruit chews, sour chews, peppermint chews and spearmint chews. Enjoy these sweets!

Founded in 1998, Zed’s sweet innovations are now present in 45 countries across the globe. Its corporate office is in Netherlands and its state of art factory is in China.

Zed fruit chews, peppermint chews, sour chews and spearmint chews are now available in the Philippines through Resourceful International Marketing Inc. They can also be purchased at its online store Sweet Avenue Philippines.

Zed chewy candies are loved by young and old. They are gluten free, vegetarian, dairy free and halal.

Enjoy how Zed is making a sweet world by trying one of the Zed candy available. Top of the list is Zed fruit chews. They are flavorful burst of fruity flavors. Its packing is compact enough to fit your pocket when on the go or just at the house. Enjoy fruity flavors in an instant! When you are in the mood for some opposite taste to sweetness then grab some Zed sour chews. Its sour kick of lemon and lime flavors is a quick perk up for a sweet mood change from something sour. On the other hand, if you are in for something with cooling effect, you have two choices, namely, Zed peppermint chews and Zed spearmint chews. Great to enjoy if you just had a smoke or ate something strong. No need to be tight lipped. These cool flavors instantly cancels the unwanted smell. If you want it strong, go for the pepperminty cool while a milder one will be the spearmint.

zed candy making a sweet world
Zed candy making a sweet world

Zed candy is continuously making the world a sweet one. It is also available in Resourceful International Marketing Inc. official site at Lazada and Shoppee.