About Seeberger

Seeberger is a brand based in Ulm, Germany, whose focus is on developing delicious nuts, dried fruits and coffee products since it was founded in 1844. It offers customers and connoisseurs alike the best of nature in every Seeberger packet. 

Quality governs actions and work at Seeberger. Seeberger keeps a close eye on every product on its way from the source (partner farmers) up to their processing facility.  From cultivation of raw materials, to transport, and processing, Seeberger ensures that only the very best product makes it into a Seeberger packet for the highest enjoyment.

“Natural, high quality, and sustainable”, this is what Seeberger promises in each packet.  High quality dried fruits, nuts, seeds, baking ingredients, and coffee are harvested locally and worldwide by its supply partners with a wealth of experience, care, and instinct for the product.  The timing of the harvest is decided by taste, visual appearance, and consistency, which its partner farm suppliers are able to provide since Seeberger has worked closely with them throughout the years.

Seeberger also practices fair trade and influences sustainable farming methods with its supply partners.  It has a fair and cooperative relationship with its supply partners where its products are grown.  Because Seeberger places particular importance on creating good living and working conditions and preserving natural resources during cultivation, it is able to guarantee consistent quality in its products. 

Resourceful International Marketing, Inc. is the official distributor of Seeberger products in the Philippines.

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