About Zaini

Zaini is an Italian confectionery brand from Milan, Italy. It manufactures and markets cocoa and sugar-based products.  It has been manufacturing chocolates since 1913. Zaini chocolate chocolate eggs are egg shaped hollow chocolates with toys inside.  Inside each chocolate egg is a surprise 3D figure of characters from its licensing partners such as Disney, Marvel, Warner Bros, and Mattel.  

Princesses and superheroes, all of Mickey’s friends and characters from successful films and cartoons make each item special.  The wrapping to the packaging are always carefully detailed right up to the collectable 3D characters in each surprise egg.

Resourceful International Marketing, Inc. The official distributor of Zaini chocolate products in the Philippines.

You can buy Zaini items over at Sweeet Avenue Philippines, The Official Online Store of  Resourceful International Marketing, Inc.