Arcor Butter Toffees 200g

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RICH, LUSCIOUS & CREAMY, that’s what makes toffees a common favorite among candy lovers, and now you can order online your fill of Arcor Butter Toffees online to be delivered at your doorsteps at!

Arcor Butter Toffees Collection – A variety of toffee flavors

ARCOR BUTTER TOFFEES COLLECTION 200g is a perfect gift for any moment of celebration. Featuring a medley mix of flavors in an elegant and classy acrylic box.

Arcor Butter Toffees Collection 200g
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There is a collection of top flavours to choose from. These are: Milk toffees, Chocolate toffees filled with chocolate, Coffee toffees with coffee cream. Choko mint toffees with cocoa filled/mint cream.

Arcor Butter Toffee Milk Toffee
Milk Toffee – Luscious and creamy milky toffees
Chocolate Toffee
Chocolate Toffee – rich toffees with chocolate filling
Chokko Mint Toffee
Choco Mint Toffee – Chocolatey toffees with
Coffee Toffee
Coffee Toffee – Creamy and rich toffees with coffee cream filling

Giving a gift like Arcor Butter Toffee Collection is a great expression of love, creating and sharing happy moments together.

Made from whole milk inspired from the old English butter toffee recipe, thus producing a taste which is irresistible, high quality, handicrafted and classic.

Soft, chewy, milky & creamy, it’ll surely bring a pleasant moment of indulgence.

Each piece has an exact weight of 7g and has the following calorie count.
Milk toffees: 28kcal
Chocolate toffees filled with chocolate: 32 kcal
Coffee toffees with coffee cream: 32 kcal
Choko mint toffees with cocoa filled/mint cream: 32kcal

Arcor Argentina – one of the leading multi-national candy producers in South America, produces these toffees which are distributed in America, Europe, Africa, Asia.

Arcor Butter Toffees Collection that are sold in the Philippines are made in Mexico.

Chocolate Toffees – A Classic never fails to amaze

ARCOR BUTTER TOFFEES CHOCOLATE 200g is classic toffee flavor in an elegant gift box for all occasions. The milky and creamy butter toffee is combined with luscious chocolate filling in the center thus submerging you into pleasant moment of indulgence.

Arcor Butter Toffes Chocolate 200g
P149.75 at

Set in a see thru plastic acrylic, each toffee is wrapped in a shiny metallic candy will impress their recipient. A favorite among sweettooths, this chocolate butter toffees are made from whole milk following the old English recipe. That’s why, the taste is always classic, irrisisitible and high quality.

Chocolate Toffees

Made by Arcor Argentina, one of the top candy producer in Latin America. Each piece weighs approximately weights 7g and contains 32kcal.

Whether in search of a great gift dea or something to satisfy your sweet cravings, Arcor Butter Toffees is sure to give you a bang for your buck.

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